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The principles making up healthy nutrition guidelines for your kids aren’t different from those for adults, we all need nutrients. However, your kids require specific amounts of these nutrients at different stages of their development.

Balancing the nutrition for your child can be difficult considering some factors like temperament, picky-eating, time constraints etc.

Bearing this in mind, here are some healthy nutrition guidelines to help ensure your child’s proper growth and development:

For Healthy Nutrition? Consider nutrient packed foods within the different food groups for your kids:

A brief peek below on the healthy nutrition guidelines for your kids;

Protein: Select seafood (eg blended crayfish), poultry, lean meat, eggs, beans, soy products, peas, unsalted nuts and seeds.

Fruits: In addition to fruit juice, you can offer your child a variety of fresh, canned, dried fruits or frozen. Ensure your child drinks 100 percent juice without added sugars and limit his or her servings.

Vegetables: You can also serve a variety of fresh, canned, frozen or dried vegetables (including dark green, red and orange, beans and peas, etc) each week. Note that when choosing canned or frozen vegetables, you should look for options that are lower in sodium (eg broccoli, cauliflower, peppers etc)

Rich food sources of protein
Protein is very vital for growth
Rich food sources of vegetable
Vegetables protects and keeps the body fresh

Grains: Select whole grains, such as whole-wheat bread, oatmeal, popcorn, quinoa, or brown or wild rice. Cut back on refined grains such as white bread, pasta and rice.

Dairy: it’s important to encourage your child to eat and drink dairy products like, yogurt, cheese or fortified soy beverages and growing up milk like Peak 456. Studies shows a toddler should receive 300-330ml of milk and dairy products daily – ideally served in 2 – 3 portions daily.

Milk in your child's diet is important
The importance of milk in the diet of your child can’t be over emphasized

The importance of milk in the diet of your child can’t be over emphasized because being highly nutritious, it’s a massive source of micro elements such as calcium, magnesium, vitamin B12, selenium and riboflavin, thus providing your growing child with a rich source of immense dietary energy, protein and fat. When combined, nutrients like calcium, vitamin D, phosphorus and potassium that are found in milk also confer bone health and strong teeth on your children.

What is Growing Up Milk?

Growing up milk like Peak 456 contains other components for growth apart from calcium, that toddlers at this important phase of growing and learning, need and do not often get enough of.

Furthermore, growing-up milk has been fortified with essential nutrients (example polyunsaturated fatty acids (Omega-3) like DHA, iron, iodine, folic acid and vitamin D) to ensure your child gets adequate nutrition to help him/her grow up healthy and smart.

Growing up milk’s advantageous for your child because it contains these elements in quantities and forms that are readily bioavailable. Meaning that your child’s digestive system can better absorb and metabolize them.

Peak 456 is a BIG step in the right direction as you startoff on healthy nutrition guidelines for your kids.

Peak 456 Milk is available
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Why Growing Up Milk?

There are rapid and complex changes that are happening within your child during the 0 – 5 age range. Developmental indicators such as height, weight, motor & fine skills are adversely affected by your child’s nutrition among other things. They also are energy intensive, requiring massive amounts of brain power.

These activities strains brain development of a child, making it necessary that he/she be provided with specialized nutrition.

This is why he/she needs Growing up milk that’s fortified with Docosahexanoic acid (DHA) iron, iodine, folic acid and vitamin D to give them the edge they need to grow up smart and healthy.

Give your child the DHA edge

Docosahexanoic acid (DHA) is an omega-3 fatty acids largely found in the membrane of the brain and retina of the eye. This nutrient greatly contributes to vision acuity and cognitive development of children, as has been well established by research. DHA is the most abundant omega-3 poly-unsaturated fatty acid present in the brain. It is found in oily fish such as salmons, sardines and tuna.  

Studies shows overtime higher maternal fish intake during pregnancy and lactation can lead to higher language, social skills, higher IQ and more positive behavior in their children.

Docosahexanoic acid (DHA) can be synthesized from alpha-linolenic acid. This ia another plant-based omega-3 fatty acid but this process is limited and inefficient thus necessitating the need to consume it directly from Growing-up milk like Peak 456.

Peak 456 milk is fortified with DHA and other key nutrients to support brain development and physical growth in children aged 4-6 years.

What’s more? Click here and discover cool ways of including – not just any milk – Peak 456 Milk in your child’s meals. And if you want to go a step further in giving your child creative and highly nutritious foods click here


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