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Healthy Bones, Healthy Child
Bone health is an important part of your child’s well-being and development. According to DrPeniKusumastuti Sp. RM, good bone health improves intelligence in thought and action. He observes that children with stronger hand and foot bones are more mobile and active, compared to those with weaker bones.
Calcium and its importance
Calcium is an often overlooked nutrient in a young child’s diet. As much as 41.7% of the Indonesian population is at risk of premature osteoporosis (weak porous bones). Ensuring sufficient calcium intake can reduce the risk for your child.
The amount your child needs changes with age. The recommended calcium intake is about 500-600mg per day. Adequate calcium intake from a young age can also help your child maintain her bone health longer in her later years.
Calcium is found in many common foods, including green vegetables, nuts, butter, cheese, beans, eggs and fish oil. These are best complemented with milk – commercial milk alone does not provide what your child really needs. To absorb optimum levels of calcium, she will also need vitamin D, which can be obtained through sun exposure when playing outside.
Complete bone health
Good bone health is made up of three key components: Adequate nutrition from a balanced diet, regular exercise, and adequate rest. Many parents prefer their children to be quiet and sit still for extended periods of time. This is bad for their spine, and a potential cause for bone structure abnormalities.
Let your child exercise more within a safe environment. Watch her posture. Let her run about, jump and swim. Swimming is particularly good for shaping a child’s bone growth as body weight does not overload the spinal structures. It also develops her muscular strength, coordination, and gives her a good night’s rest at the end of the day.

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