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As your child grows strong and healthy, there are some specific nutrients he needs to support his physical and mental development. Protein is a particularly important nutrient that is important for your child’s healthy development. Antibodies that fight diseases, enzymes to break down and metabolise food, hormones that regulate growth – these are all types of protein.

In his bones, three main types of bone matrix proteins exist to regulate calcium, bind cells, and form strong bones. Keratin builds strong hair and nails, while chromoprotein is a key component in his blood that carries oxygen. Even the neurotransmitters in his brain are made up of amino acids made of protein.

Your child’s body contains just 11 of the 20 types of amino acids required to build all the proteins he needs. The remaining nine types are called essential amino acids and must be obtained through food.

Protein deficiency, especially at a young age, can lead to many health complications. Mental disabilities, immune system dysfunction, anaemia, and abnormal metabolism rates are just a few of the potential complications.

It pays to be mindful of his diet and what he consumes. Ensure your child gets balanced and complete nutrition that contains all the protein he needs, so he can grow to fulfil his full potential.


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