‘Mummy, where do babies come from?’

Children are such curious beings. They ask the funniest and the most inconceivable questions. They explore, inquire and are fascinated by their surroundings. Curiosity is the single most powerful ingredient in learning. Many studies show that when kids are curious about something, they learn it far more easily, remember it far longer and learn at a deeper level.

They might want to know what the moon is made of or if ants have brains. Don’t grow weary of your child’s inquisitiveness as his brain is growing at a fast rate and he is discovering a big beautiful world. Create an environment that encourages curiosity and inquiries. Next time your child’s eyes widen in wonder and he asks a difficult question, find an answer to help his learning process. A major way to encourage curiosity is to ensure they get the right nutrition as this influences their brain growth.


The recommended daily allowance for children is significantly different from that of an adult. This is because your child has very specific nutritional needs as his brain and body are experiencing rapid growth. For instance, 90% of brain growth occurs between birth and your child’s 5th birthday. During this critical period, the role of early nutrition in helping to build the foundation of a child’s ability to grow, learn & thrive cannot be overemphasized.

Peak 456 is specially formulated for children between the ages of 4 and 6 years to support their continuing brain development and promote physical growth. It contains a unique nutrient mix with DHA which influences developmental milestones such as motor skills, speech, visual development, learning, and thinking. It also contains other essential vitamins and minerals needed for immunity, physical development, and mental development.

When your child curiously asks why he needs Peak 456 growing up milk, you can aptly answer that Peak 456 meets his unique nutritional needs thereby helping him grow strong and smart so he can explore.


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