Bodily Changes During Pregnancy

July 7, 2017
By Peak456

During pregnancy, your body’s hormones go into overdrive. As such, you can expect to see many bodily changes. Here are some of the common ones:


Tends to become a bit more brittle, but more voluminous.


During pregnancy, your skin retains more moisture. Your cheeks will be more blushed, and fine wrinkles are minimised. At the same time, brown patches, pimples, and ‘spider veins’ may appear. These symptoms are temporary, so enjoy (or endure) while they last!


Sore breasts are the first indicators of pregnancy that can last a few weeks. During this period, they also tend to be bigger in size.


Affecting as many as 90% of women, stretch marks are the most common change. They can appear just about anywhere, but typically show up on the tummy, hips, breasts and thighs. Even the belly button may be marked by a vertical line. Stretch marks do fade over time, so don’t worry. In addition, the baby bump starts to appear around three months. It’s a great reason to start shopping.


Raised, lumpy veins (also known as varicose veins) may appear. Many women choose to hide them with loose fitting trousers or pregnancy tights.


Due to water retention, your feet may become swollen around 4 months into pregnancy. If your shoes feel tight, it’s yet another great reason to go shopping.

We hope that this list helps you to be mentally prepared for the physical changes that may accompany pregnancy. Remember to stay healthy and positive, and enjoy this magical time.


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