You might not know this, but children also have hectic days. Yes, some days for them are just stressful and tiring, and there are a couple of things parents can do to help out.

A good morning determines a good day and the way you start the morning for your children goes a long way to determine how the rest of the day turns out for them.

Here are tips you need to ensure a good day for your children:

1. Early to bed, Early to rise

Before we even start talking about the morning, it is important to have a good night rest. Health experts advise that children within the range of 4 – 6 years get 10 -12 hours of sleep. This helps them rest well, wake up early and refreshed, ready for a new day.

2. Start with a Dialogue

Waking up your child might be a routine, but it should be an enjoyable exercise for the child and you too. If you are used to waking your children up and leading them to the bathroom immediately, it’s time for a good change. Try out dialogues with them like having them guess what’s in their food pack for the day. You could even ask them what plans they have for the day. You’ll be shocked your children are better planners than you are.

The importance of starting their day with a dialogue is to help prepare their brain and mood in readiness for the day’s engagements.

3. Make a Morning Routine

Create a routine chart for your kids. This chart should list the things that should be done. Examples are:

>> Brush your teeth       >> Take a bath      >> Dry up      >> Get dressed      >> Comb/Brush your hair   

 >>Have Breakfast         >> Grab your backpack/lunchbox    >>Head out the door

You can make the list more interesting with the use of pictures in your morning routine chart instead of just words.

Once you have picked a morning routine for kids, go through all of the steps with them talking about each step as you go along your morning. This will help you recognize any glitches or perhaps the need to re-order some of the steps. This will also help them develop a sense of character and responsibility. It’s just of matter of time before they want to carry out the routines themselves.

4. Remain Calm and Connected

Kids tend to mirror your actions and tone and can sense when you’re becoming agitated. So, if you find yourself having a rushed and frantic morning, rather than show your frustration in physical ways, pointing, huffing and puffing, etc., try to whisper soothing words to yourself and focus on your attitude. Also, remember to address them using a calm voice.

When you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed, get down on the same level with your child and explain to them why you need their help at that moment, you could give them a task to take ownership of. Staying calm and connected with your children is very important so they don’t start the day on a bad note which you could possibly have handled well.

5. Breakfast

Starting the day with a healthy breakfast is an ultimate rule. It’s important for your child to eat something nutritious each morning. Always make sure you serve them a breakfast rich in vitamins and protein to fuel them for the day ahead. You can modify the breakfast recipe, so they don’t lose interest at some point. Keep breakfast interesting by serving it with a glass of Peak 456 Growing Up Milk specially formulated for children between the ages of 4 – 6 years.

Do you have any other tips on how to start your kid’s day right? Comment and share with us!


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