A smart child is every parent’s pride because there’s a joy that comes with being recognized as the mother or father of a genius.

It is however important to note that adequate nutrition is essential for raising smart children.

Child health experts advise that nutrition, especially during the early years, is crucial for the development of the whole physical and mental growth of children.

Some nutrients are effective for developing high brain function and are very important for cognitive development. Some other nutrients are also important for behavioral performance which means that, nutrition plays a significant role in raising children with good character and behavior.

The most crucial function of nutrients is the supply of metabolic fuel to the brain to aid your child’s brain activity.

Poor school performance may not be a direct result of poor nutritional health status, but it may be connected to one of many other intellectual weaknesses such as short memory life span, low intelligence quotient (I.Q) and slow responsiveness, which could be caused by inadequate nutrition.

It is important to raise your children to be geniuses and ensuring your children get adequate nutrition can help you achieve that. One power nutrient is DHA which helps the development of the brain.

Adding a glass of Peak 456 Growing Up Milk in their daily meal is good for a nutritious diet. It will also help enrich them with required nutrients and vitamins. Learn more about special nutrition and why your child needs a nutritious diet.


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