It’s been a long and exhausting day. You held it together without letting your emotions get the best of you. It is finally bedtime and you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but your child has other plans. Every stall tactic imaginable is currently happening and you just can’t take it anymore! Now you’re yelling, your child is crying, and all you want to do is go to bed!

Let’s face it, life with children can be is challenging. Yet some mums make it look like a breeze. They have an annoyingly effortless way of seeming cool, collected, kind, peaceful and in control — even when surrounded by chaos.

Try these tips and make being a calm mum look like child’s play.

Patience: Motherhood is something you are never quite ready for, no matter how much you prepare. It is a beautiful and challenging role. If you start your day with an overabundance of patience, you are sure to be setting yourself up for success.

Self-Care: Create time for self-love and care. You need to get creative. Get up early to have some alone, set 30 minutes aside to get a workout in, take time at night to read a few pages of your favorite book, do whatever it is each day that brings you peace and happiness. If you schedule in time for yourself, you are less likely to be desperately needing that break.

Take a Minute: As soon as you feel yourself escalating to a point of no return excuse yourself for a few minutes. Walk into another room or just simply turn around. Take deep breaths and tell yourself to stay calm, it sounds basic, but it works! When you are ready and feel calm you can then tackle the situation with a level head.

Unplug: Set time each day to unplug from all devices and give your child full attention, they deserve it! Put your phone in the other room and be 100% present.

Schedule: Children love knowing what is going to happen next! Stick to a daily schedule each day. There’s nothing wrong with some flexibility, but when they have an idea of what’s coming next, you will see less meltdowns and whining!

Breathe: Take a deep breath and let it all go. The house will get messy and dinner may not be ready on time, but that is not what’s most important. You’re building memories as that mess gets made.

Take these steps to remain in control of your emotions. You’re a smart mum and you can be the calm mum you admire. Trust yourself!


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